Core Values

The values of Rice Industries are guided by the principle of personal and corporate growth. At Rice, we are dedicated to customer-focused problem solving for specialty material development and processing.

  • The Best Team Wins

    We believe in personal growth through empowerment and risk-taking. We enable our team members to drive improvement, while setting aggressive goals. We understand the sum is greater than its parts, and there is no individual success without the team. Our company consists of a diverse group that works together to create one Rice team.

  • Innovation

    Creative problem solving across the organization is critical to our success. We provide solutions to our customers. Our evolving business model is intended to create value for our customers by providing the best services, products, and support. We will continue to invest in our people, technology, and capability to drive rapid improvement across the organization.

  • Diversity

    We will continue to build the most diverse team possible, while striving to include members from different backgrounds and experiences.

  • Integrity

    We hold ourselves to a high moral standard. We will do the right thing. This means conducting our business in a manner that is safe, environmentally responsible, fair, and honest.

  • Quality

    We will be the best at what we do through pain-staking attention to detail. We optimize speed and certainty in our execution.

  • Accountability

    We do what we say we are going to do, and we are responsible for our actions. We pursue root cause problem-solving in an open, honest, and to-the-point manner so that we can improve.

  • Determination

    A strong work ethic and grit drives our success. Our resolve allows us to overcome complexity and uncertainty in order to win. We work hard to be great at what we do.