Rice operates five Strategic Business Units including Particle Engineering, Material Enhancement, R&D and Testing, Material Handling, and Specialty Processing Equipment. Rice focuses on the following specialty material end markets, as well as others.

Pharmaceuticals: Enhance molecule bioavailability for pharmaceuticals. This means smaller doses can perform more effectively in the body. We micronize critical drugs used as anti-bacterial treatments, as well as medications to treat asthma, epilepsy, and wound-care.

Sustainability: Enable processability of natural-based polymers through moisture removal and/or strengthening the product. Remove harmful volatiles in recycled plastics used in food packaging and automotive. Build material strength and flexibility of high value engineered plastics used in medical and food packaging, aerospace, electronics, and under-the-hood auto.

Battery tech: Strengthen reactivity of materials used in cutting edge battery innovation, enabling longer battery lives and smaller battery size for electronics, auto, and renewable power.

3D Printing: Improve texture, shape, flowability, and characterization of high performance polymers used in 3D printing and aerospace applications.

Nutraceuticals and beauty products: Refine texture and absorption of materials used in toothpaste, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics.