Rice is a partner to our customers by providing material and end-market expertise, product and process solutions, and operational flexibility. Below are specific examples of the value we provide.

Material Development : Understand evolving market needs and work with material producers and end customers to develop customized, value-enhancing, niche product solutions.

Material Enhancement: Augment performance and value of materials by increasing strength, flexibility, reactivity, bioavailability, and processability, amongst other properties.

Scale-Up Support: Provide a bridge between a customer’s R&D and large scale commercialization, allowing customers to reduce capital investment risk until proof-of-concept or market. Enable customers to focus on core competency while Rice focuses on the complexities of manufacturing scale-up or specialized processing.

Material Remediation: Fix customer production mishaps, allowing customers to produce higher performance and more challenging-to-produce materials.

Material Handling: Offer complementary transloading, warehousing, and packaging services.