Our Story

From our first acquisition in 2012 of a toll processor of nylon sold to the automotive and carpet markets, Rice Industries has transformed into a contract manufacturer focused on processing specialty materials. These materials are used in pharmaceuticals, battery technology, 3D printing, aerospace, medical devices, and sustainable food packaging, amongst others.

Rice seeks to expedite advancements in specialty materials. We accomplish this by providing testing, R&D, scale-up, product and process customization, and remediation solutions. Our customers are all along the material supply chain, including producers, processors, distributors, and end customers.

With expertise in material R&D, operations, and M&A, we seek to acquire, create, and develop businesses that broaden our product and processing capability, end markets, and geography.

Rice is currently focused on materials that will participate in and drive growth in the following areas:

  • Growth of recyclable and bio-based plastics, especially in food and medical packaging
  • Lightweighting for carbon dioxide and energy reduction in aerospace and car transport
  • Penetration of 3D printing to facilitate customized and just-in-time manufacturing
  • Battery evolution for EVs and power utilities
  • Renewable energy power solutions